2023 NSW Vertebrate Pest Management Symposium

Symposium Program & Presentations

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View and download 2023 NSW Vertebrate Pest Management Symposium presentations. To view the presentations you will require Adobe Reader

First Name Last Name Paper Title
Alison Towerton Understanding fallow deer movements to improve control options in peri-urban Sydney
Amy Edwards Indirect impacts of fox control on feral cat behaviour in semi-arid NSW
Andrew Bengsen Feral Ungulate Disease Surveillance and Modelling in NSW
Andrew Claridge Performance of Felixer devices when faced with captive-held spotted-tailed quolls.
Andrew Walsh Bang for your buck – the value of licensed hunters in IPM
Andrew Walsh An Update on the Lord Howe Island Rodent Eradication Project 
Annelise Wiebkin National Feral Deer Action Plan: raising the profile of feral deer management
Bec Gray An Approach to Foot and Mouth Disease and Ferals
Belinda Davies Don’t go it alone; creating collective action at a local scale
Benjamin Allen Dingo removal does not cause trophic cascades in Australian rangeland ecosystems
Chantelle Geissler Can technology increase landholder participation in landscape-scale feral cat control programs?
Claudia Broughton Wild Horse Control on the North Coast: From Pest to Pet
Darren Marshall The human dimensions of controlling and managing feral pigs
Dave Forsyth A glovebox guide for managing wild deer in Australia
David Rudder Rambo & Co.  strategies for eradicating cats and foxes inside fenced exclosures 
Deane Smith Wild dog movement behaviours in western NSW
Eliane McCarthy Capturing and monitoring sambar, fallow, and red deer in alpine Australia
Glen Charlton Continuing the development of AI-driven automated pest animal baiting system. 
Heather Channon Adaptive, collaborative and sustained feral pig management – is this possible?
Ian Boutell NSW Tilapia Control Plan 2023: Minimising the risk of tilapia to NSW
Jack Gough Keynote Address: How to get people to accept lethal control of invasive species
Jaime Heiniger Managing feral cats in northern New South Wales
Jessica Todd Why we want what we want: working with researchers to collect data
Lachlan Marshall Foot and mouth outbreak simulation, is it possible to locally eradicate feral pigs?
Lou Streeting Evaluating electric fences for protecting endangered freshwater turtle nests from fox predation.
Lucy Collingridge Eyes in the Outback: camera trap monitoring wild dogs in western NSW
Mark Lamb Innovation and Techniques for Controlling Invasive and Nuisance Birds
Mark Lamb Finding the 2021 NSW Hide and Seek Champion: Sambar Deer
Michael Elliott Urban Deer Management – coming soon to a backyard near you
Paul Marynissen Close Encounters of the Unusual Kind 
Paul Meek Ecology of Dingoes from a mine site in the Cooper Basin, SA.
Peter Fleming Keynote Address: Managing invasives: thoughts of an old f##t on practice, science and art
Pip Taylor Population dynamics and behaviour of house mice in NSW pasture–cropping systems 
Rajendra Shilpakar Near-real Time Mapping Applications to Optimise Deer Control in Greater Sydney region
Rod Baker Ellerslie Proof of Concept Eradication Project
Sarah Johnson Literature Review & Learnings Guiding Cane Toad Monitoring & Control, Northern NSW
Sean Freney Using DNA for Managing Wild Dogs: A dive into the NSW Project 
Sebastien Comte Challenges and opportunities of deer management in peri-urban landscapes
Sebastien Comte Spatial Behaviour of Fallow Deer (Dama dama) in NSW
Stephen Frankenberg Genetic biocontrol for invasive vertebrate pests
Tarnya Cox Using thermal imaging equipment in aerial shooting programs
Terry Korn PSM Keynote Address: Traped in the Past – Don’t Be!
Troy Crittle Lessons learned from 45 years of feral pig control in NSW
Victoria Greentree NSW Cane toad management…. Hop to it, a toadally serious priority!

View and download 2018 NSW Vertebrate Pest Management Symposium presentations. To view the presentations you will require Adobe Reader

First Name Last Name AbstractTitle
Alyssa Trotter Corn Snakes: A Community Problem Requiring Community Solutions
Andrew Bengsen Camera Trap Survey Methods for Estimating Changes in Deer Density and Occurrence
Birgitte Verbeek Community Engagement – Evolution Not Revolution
David Worsley “Glossy Management Plans Never Killed a Dog”, the Importance of Community and Personal Engagement to Achieve Effective Management Outcomes in Wongwibinda!
Edward Rowley A Land Manager’s Experience with Deer – an Emergent Pest Animal in NSW
Emma Sawyers RHDV1 K5- Results from the Community Focused National Release
Georgeanna Story Dear Oh Deer, Landholders Perception of Wild Deer in South-eastern NSW
Grant Eccles Aerial Baiting for Wild Dogs on NPWS Estate: From 0 to 40 and All Year Round
Grant Eccles Aerial Control of Deer, What Works? What to Consider?
Jason Wishart Field Efficacy of HOGGONE® MeSN Feral Pig Bait for Control of Feral Pigs in Australia
Jillian Macintyre Urban Feral Animal Action Group Case Study
Lynette McLeod Using Audience Segmentation to Improve Participation in Invasive Species Management
Mal Leeson Recovery Capabilities and Biosecurity Threats of Wild Deer in the NSW Central Tablelands
Margarita Gil-Fernandez Where in Sydney Should We Place the Canid Pest Ejector to Control Urban Foxes?
Michael Leane The Western Riverina Pig Program
Nigel Gillan Opportunistic Disease Surveillance in Culled Wild Fallow Deer (Dama Dama)
Nathan Cutter Management of Pest Animals Under the Biosecurity Act 2015 (NSW)
Paul Meek Putting the ‘Snap’ Back in Traps: Technology Advances
Paul Meek Lethal Trap Devices
Peter West FeralScan Community invasive Species Monitoring Website – Update and Future Directions
Quentin Hart Deer in the Headlights…or a Clear Way Forward for Wild Deer Management Policy and Planning in NSW?
Rob Hunt Developing a Target Selective Bait Delivery Technique for Control of Feral Goats.
Rob Hunt Minimising Noise Disturbance During Ground Shooting Programs Using a Muzzle Blast Suppressor/silencer
Salahadin Khairo The Perceptions and Attitudes of Livestock Producers Towards Wild Dog Impact and Management in Northern NSW
Sally Box Keynote Address
Stephen Larsson Update on Firearm Suppressors in New South Wales
Tanya Howard Keynote Address: Beyond ‘tick-the box’ community engagement: building our capacity to catalyse and sustain community-led action for pest management
Troy Crittle What do deer control objectives really mean?

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