2023 NSW Vertebrate Pest Management Symposium

Call for Abstracts

The Organising Committee invite you to submit an abstract for consideration at the symposium. The closing date for submissions has been extended to Friday 2nd June 2023.

The NSW Vertebrate Pest Management Symposium is the perfect opportunity to bring together people involved in pest animal management, research and policy to discuss what Is happening in pest management in New South Wales, and how we should move forward. This is a practitioner driven forum, bringing together government and non-government pest practitioners to participate in a range of pest related talks and discussions. It is proposed that the symposium will address the following themes

  • New technology
  • Community engagement and behaviour change
  • Incursion detection and management
  • Established pests – impacts and management
  • Peri-urban pest management
  • Case studies of real-world experiences


Abstract Submission

Click on the “Submit Abstract” button below, and follow the steps given

Abstract Submission

Click on the "Submit Abstract" button below, and follow the steps given
Submit Abstract

Abstract Submission

Please note that abstract submission is only available online. If you are interested in submitting an abstract for consideration, please complete the following steps

  1. Save the Abstract Template to your computer, and use this template to prepare your abstract.
  2. Write your abstract using the Microsoft Word template, adhering to the formatting guidelines outlined in the Author Instructions. Save your abstract on your computer, in an easy to find location. Please note that abstract titles should be a maximum of 12 words, and abstract text should be a maximum of 300 words.
  3. Ensure you have a short biography (max 50 words) for yourself as the main presenter.
  4. Click on the “Submit Abstract” button below, and follow the steps given.


Any Questions?

If you experience any difficulties with the abstract submission process, or have any questions, please contact Jayne Hindle at East Coast Conferences by emailing jayne@eastcoastconferences.com.au or by calling 02 6650 9800 or 0423 497 038.

If accepted, all presenting authors will need to register and pay to attend the conference, at least for the scheduled day of the presentation. The deadline for presenters to register is Friday 11th August 2023 (this is also the Earlybird registration deadline).